covertutils.handlers.impl package


covertutils.handlers.impl.simpleshell module

class covertutils.handlers.impl.simpleshell.SimpleShellHandler(recv, send, orchestrator, **kw)[source]

Bases: covertutils.handlers.functiondict.FunctionDictHandler

This class provides an implementation of Simple Remote Shell. It can be used on any shell type and protocol (bind, reverse, udp, icmp, etc),by adjusting send_function() and receive_function()

All communication is chunked and encrypted, as dictated by the covertutils.orchestration.SimpleOrchestrator object.

This class directly executes commands on a System Shell (Windows or Unix) via the os.popen() function. The exact stage used to execute commands is explained in covertutils.Stages

__init__(recv, send, orchestrator, **kw)[source]
  • receive_function (function) – A blocking function that returns every time a chunk is received. The return value must be return raw data.
  • send_function (function) – A function that takes raw data as argument and sends it across.
  • orchestrator (orchestration.SimpleOrchestrator) – An Object that is used to translate raw_data to (stream, message) tuples.
onChunk(stream, message)[source]
onMessage(stream, message)[source]

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